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Hilde Lindemann, Ph.D.

Hilde Lindemann is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Michigan State University. She is the editor of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, and coeditor of Rowman & Littlefield’s Feminist Constructions series. She has also been the general coeditor of the Reflective Bioethics series at Routledge.
Her books include An Invitation to Feminist Ethics (McGraw-Hill 2005) and, as Hilde Lindemann Nelson, Damaged Identities, Narrative Repair (Cornell University Press 2001). With James Lindemann Nelson she coauthored Alzheimer’s: Answers to Hard Questions for Families (Doubleday 1996) and The Patient in the Family (Routledge 1995), and she has also edited two collections: Feminism and Families and Stories and Their Limits: Narrative Approaches to Bioethics (both Routledge 1997). A Fellow of the Hastings Center, her ongoing research interests are in feminist bioethics, feminist ethics, the ethics of families, and the social construction of persons and their identities.
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