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Itís not Sci-Fi. Itís real life. Itís your life.

The rapid advance of biotechnology is outpacing our ability as a society to absorb the effect it will have on our lives. Real life scenarios that were beyond our collective imagination a decade ago leave many of us today struggling to comprehend and evaluate the implications that they may have on daily life. From stem cell research to the Schiavo case to the recent media frenzy around "Octomom," it is a whole new world.
These issues affect women in profound ways because of how directly their bodies and roles are touched by them. Women carry babies, live longer, and predominately provide care for children, the sick, disabled, and elderly. Moreover, globally, women are more likely to be impoverished, and unable to access health care.
Many new technologies are still in their infancy. Debate about them is just beginning. Now is the time for women to weigh in on these issues.
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Hinsch Honored
Kathryn Hinsch was honored for her contributions to the field of technology and it's impact on women by the Seattle-based group Women of Color: Empowered.
Wisdom Commons
Visit our interactive website that seeks to elevate our shared moral core, sometimes called universal ethics. 
New from MIT Press
Progress in Bioethics:  Science, Policy and Politics
The chapter authors--leading scholars in the field--discuss the meaning of progressive bioethics, the rise of conservative bioethics, the progressive stance toward biotechnology, the interplay of progressive bioethics and religion, and progressive approaches to such specific policy issues as bioethics commissions, stem cell research, and health-care reform.
My Sister's Keeper
Watch the movie version of My Sisterís Keeper Ė then check out our bioethics discussion guide based on the book.†
International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
Provides a new forum within bioethics for feminist thought and debate. 
Inside a Stem Cell Lab
Kathryn Hinsch visits one of the first privately funded stem cell labs and learns that research must continue on all fronts.
Bad Doc, Greedy Doc?
WBP explores the increasing number of doctors that have added revenue-enhancing cosmetic procedures to their core practice and the ethical implications.
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