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Linda MacDonald Glenn, J.D., LLM (Biomedical Ethics, McGill)

LINDA MACDONALD GLENN, JD, LLM (Biomedical Ethics, McGill) is a healthcare ethics educator, attorney-at-law and a consultant.   Currently an Assistant Professor at the Alden March Bioethics Institute, Albany Medical Center, she is also a Women’s Bioethics Project Scholar, a Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Technologies, a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation; she also completed a fellowship at the American Medical Association Institute for Ethics.  Her research encompasses the legal, ethical, and social impact of emerging technologies, evolving notions of personhood and informed consent in public health research. 

Prior to returning to an academic setting, she consulted and practiced as a trial attorney with an emphasis in patient advocacy, bioethical and biotechnology issues, end of life decision-making, reproductive issues, genetics, parental/biological "nature vs. nurture", and animal rights issues; she was the lead attorney in several "cutting edge" bioethics legal cases.  She has advised governmental leaders and agencies, published numerous articles in professional journals and books.
She has also taught at the Medical College of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School, University of Vermont College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, guest lectured at various law schools and has addressed public and professional groups internationally. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Women’s Bioethics Blog.  Her extensive experience and passion for the issues facing the legal and healthcare professions make her a compelling and thought-provoking lecturer. 
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