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Mind Matters: Beliefs, Emotions & Self Identity

 “Let’s face it: one person’s liver is pretty much like another’s.
Our brains, by contrast, give us our intelligence, integrity, curiosity,
compassion, and – here’s the most mysterious one – conscience.
The brain is the organ of individuality.”

William Safire, Defining Right and Wrong in Brain Science

Women should care about neuroethics because advances in neuroscience are going to pose some of the most important ethical questions yet about what it means to be human—challenging our concepts of free will, gender and genetic determinism, and what sets us apart from other species. To help us address those issues, we have developed a new program called Mind Matters: Beliefs, Emotions & Self Identity, which will include interviews, podcasts, recommendations for essential readings and the latest in neuro-news.

The series is designed to help you understand the direct and profound affect neuroscience will have on your life. The issues to consider are enormous and according to Dr. Walter Glannon, prominent bioethicist, “will challenge our traditional views of personhood, personal identity, agency, and the self and in turn our ethical practices of praising and blaming, excusing, and holding individuals responsible for their behavior.”

Our goal is to provide the tools you’ll need to come to your own conclusions about what you want laws and regulations to look like. We want to make bioethical issues relevant and then provide the support you need to thoroughly examine the issues and then take action to make your voice heard. 
In short, we’ve created Mind Matters to engage, educate, and empower you.
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